a new album by Rasputina/Melora Creager.  

Available exclusively here & now.

My daughter dreamt the crown. "She's wearing a crown, and it had eyes and a mouth on it!"

(Priced low for the honorable propagation of CD dissemination. )

14 new songs recorded alone in a dank basement studio. I quite liked it though, that dank basement studio.

I didn't feel at all alone. Using only one microphone, the whole album poured out of me in just 3 weeks- writing, recording, the whole thing. 

This is a CD only release. Why? For personal, political and psychological reasons.

1. Curse Tablet  2. Pastoral Noir   3. Sparrow-Hawk Proud    4. Unicorn Horn Mounted    5. Bridget Manners       6. Indian Weed     7. Unknown   8. Emily Dickinson's Trophy Envelope    9. Steady Rain   10. Psychopathic Logic   11. Untitled I    12. Sensed   13. Taken Scary   14. Hymn of the Wormwood Women